Process 1

01 Interior Design

We at Decorator uses our creativity to develop a new concept of Interior Design, related to the client personality & life style

We take the guide lines from our clients to understand what his taste is, and on the basis of the guidelines we do our best to reach the client vision for his house, with the maximum benefit of the space & with respect to the Interior Design Era that he is interested in.

02 Interior Fit-Out

Being a designer is the half way for Interior Decoration, and since we like to complete our work till the end, we are making the best to make the shape of the project in real life, same as the approved prospected design

By taking care of the smalled detail, with our professional project team, we can finish the project with the maximum similarity to the design.

Process 2
Process 3

03 Construction

Decorator was not and will never be a construction company, but as per the request of many of our clients, we are making construction on Private scale for Luxury Villas and Palaces

04 Marble Contracting

Decorator is not only a marble supplier, we are also a marble contractor, because we understand that its all related, our target is to become the best marble contractor in Qatar.

Process 4